Unapologetically progressive organizing for political power in Western Pennsylvania



You are organizers, labor leaders, elected officials, and everyday folk.  UNITE! members have worked together to win dramatic victories in recent years, for candidates running on bold and revolutionary platforms.  The time has come to walk the path to power in Allegheny County!  Meet our current founding members!  


"If we've learned anything in recent history, it's that no outside political power is coming to save us.  We must support our own vision and run and fund our own people" - UNITE! Founder State Representative Summer Lee


You believe every person should have meaningful work, adequate income, affordable and loving healthcare, clean air and water, and, with others, the power to make our communities reflect our priorities and values.  You believe that racism and capitalism have created a deeply unequal and unjust country; that the only way to bring justice to our people is to fight for it.  You believe that the political establishment of Pennsylvania governs to the benefit of a privileged few.  

We, as UNITE! members, believe that every person, if given the change, can become a powerful force for good. 


As a UNITE! member, you'll give people the knowledge and resources they need to organize for power in their neighborhoods, particularly through local elections.  You provide direct support to candidates who share your values and our platform.  


We all work to ensure that power built during political campaigns endures after the election is over.  UNITE! members support labor and community organizing because when we UNITE!, we win! 




By Ashley Comans and Jonathan Mayo With Nov. 3 less than six weeks away, Ashley & Jonathan talk about the recent events in Louisville and how they speak to the need for systemic change, starting with who is representing us at all levels of government.