Progressive female candidates sweep 2020 Pennsylvania primary election in Allegheny County (CityPaper)

Left to right: Emily Kinkead, Lissa Geiger Shulman, Summer Lee, and Jessica Benham. photo from


Progressive women in Allegheny County dominated this year's Pennsylvania primary elections. In four local contested Democratic races, women running on progressive platforms bested their more moderate competitions. These races include city of Pittsburgh neighborhoods and suburban communities.

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Lee urges local organizations to apply for Covid-related grant programs

PITTSBURGH, July 14 – As Pennsylvania continues to deal with the scourge of the coronavirus, state Rep. Summer Lee, D-Allegheny, is urging local businesses, nonprofits and organizations to apply for two state grant programs.

Two of the programs currently accepting applications include $10 million in federal funds to address food availability in communities, and a second that encourages nonprofits to invest in projects to address COVID-19 and social justice issues.

“As these funds begin to flow into communities to help them address the challenges brought on by the coronavirus, it is critical that our local organizations, nonprofits and businesses apply to secure investments in our community,” Lee said. “Our community organizations won’t get funded if they don’t apply, which is why I am trying to spread the word that these programs are available – and that my office can help them apply.”


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Poised for progress: W.Pa. women score primary night wins | Analysis

Members and supporters of WTF Pittsburgh, a political action committee that raises money for, and supports, women candidates in western Pennsylvania (Photo courtesy of WTF Pittsburgh/Jann Chirdon).


For the second spring primary in a row, all of the candidates endorsed by Women for the Future of Pittsburgh, a political action committee focused on electing progressive women in Allegheny County, won or are poised to win their primary elections. 

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Summer Lee & Emily Kinkead Defeat Construction Unions in Pittsburgh (PaydayReport)

Pa. State Rep. Summer Lee (center) marches in downtown Pittsburgh In late May (Emmai Alaquiva). Photo from

Pa. State Rep. Summer Lee (center) marches in downtown Pittsburgh In late May (Emmai Alaquiva)

PITTSBURGH, PA. – After having the pro-fracking unions spend more than $150,000 against her, Summer Lee, who was the first African-American woman ever elected to the State House from Western PA, soundly defeated them in their first re-election bid.

However, Lee, who had been helping to lead protests in Pittsburgh, was cautious to label it as a victory. 

“There’s no “victory” while our people are being brutalized and tear gassed. While COVID takes its toll. While black lives are under assault. Just work to do,” tweeted Lee.


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