Meet Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank is Executive Vice President and Director of Strategic Campaigns at SEIU Healthcare. She thinks our really huge investment in healthcare should result in really excellent health, for every person in our community. Only a small part of our overall health is determined by the care we receive in the healthcare system. Good wages, healthy food, clean air and water, freedom from stress, and community inclusion are all a part of the story. But our healthcare system needs massive change, to make sure we all have access, that we’re focused on the most needed care, not the most lucrative care, and that adequate staffing, culturally competent caregiving, and equitable health outcomes are our healthcare priorities.

Over two decades of organizing, Lisa has helped tens of thousands of homecare and hospital workers to build collective power to improve their own lives and deliver better care to their patients, residents and consumers. She has sued providers who steal workers’ wages, helped Pennsylvania’s uninsured to fight for Medicaid expansion, put the Fight for $15.00 on our health agenda, organized to defend the ACA, and worked to hold giant healthcare providers accountable to their communities.

Lisa serves on the boards of Pennsylvania United, Pennsylvania Health Access Network and is a member of the Action Council of Planned Parenthood of Western PA.