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TAKE ACTION - Sign up to share your thoughts/ideas by calling (412) 529 3868 by noon on Monday, September 21st 

On the Agenda:
A vote to establish a contract with RMC for an independent evaluation of school police data, police calls for service, citations, and arrests.  RMC will collect information that will be matched to educational data and include disaggregation of results by year and student characteristics, including gender, grade, age, race, Individual Education Plan status, English language status, and economically disadvantaged status.  The results will also be disaggregated by location, officer, and offense category (ex. drug or alcohol offenses).  The review will include assessing differences in the frequency and rate of calls for service, arrests, citations, and rates of conversion.  Read more about the Agenda item via media coverage

A resolution to "Reimagine School Safety" introduced by UNITE endorsed School Board Director Pam Harbin and School Board Director Devon Taliaferro will be voted on this Monday, September 21st.  The Resolution addresses the need to have transparent and accessible arrest/citation data, and the implementation of a community task force.  An attempt was made previously to remove Disorderly Conduct from the Code of Conduct at the June Legislative Meeting but it failed by one vote (Yes - Pam Harbin, Devon Taliaferro, Kevin Carter, & Sala Udin; No - Sylvia Wilson, Terry Kennedy, William Gallagher, Cynthia Falls, & Veronica Edwards)

Full Agenda: You will find all Agenda items listed here.  Please note your testimonies are not limited to items on the agenda

In order to submit comments, please review the following procedures:

1) All speakers must be School District (City of Pittsburgh or Mt. Oliver) residents, or:

  • Anyone having registered a legitimate interest in a contemplated action of the Board
  • Anyone representing a group in the community or School District 
  • Any representative of a firm eligible to bid on materials or services solicited by the School District 
  • Any District employee 
  • Any District student 

2) You must call (412) 529 - 3868 by noon to register to testify OR submit your public comments by writing to [email protected].  Speakers must call personally to be placed on the Agenda.  Public comments submitted via email will be read aloud by the Superintendent's Chief of Staff. 

3) Speakers will be scheduled in the order the calls are received.  Each speaker will be limited to three minutes of testimony.  

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